About Paul

Paul Lewis Settimi Headshot

Paul Lewis Settimi LLB

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public

Paul has been practising law for over 25 years now and has opened his own General Practice here in the heart of the city of Hamilton where he has 2 Law Clerks and a full time Conveyancer. Due to high demand he has also opened a second office in Grimsby in order to be accessible to all of his Niagara based clients, as he has lived in Grimsby for the past 23 years.

Paul has a general practice that focuses primarily on Real Estate law, dealing with Residential, Commercial and Mortgage Transactions. Over the years he has closed over 7000 Purchase, Sale and Mortgage transactions. Paul also has a great deal of knowledge and practises in several other areas including Family Law and Wills and Estates and Criminal Law.

As co-counsel, Paul was involved in a high profile First Degree Murder trial in Brantford which lasted 7 months in 2013. It was one of the longest running murder trials in Canadian history. His client was found not guilty.

Paul currently sits as a member on the Committee of Adjustments for the Town of Grimsby and has for the past 6 years.